Design is a form of self-expression. I love giving clients the courage to allow their house to be a reflection of who they are and their own personal style. People often have an easy time expressing their style with how they dress, but often have trouble making this connection with how their homes look. We dress for style, comfort and self-expression; the way we approach home design should be similar. I find that I tend to dress the way I decorate: neutral backdrops with vibrant splashes of color, casual elegance with pops of glamour and of course, always comfortable. After all, you should always feel like the best version of yourself at home.  

My beliefs are simple. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Design shouldn’t be scary, but having the courage to step outside of the box is what can make it really fun. As adults, throwing out the rule book can be so refreshing. I always remind my clients that if their home reflects their taste and if the character of the home is a true match to their individuality, style and spirit, this is a success. Of course we want to maintain or increase functionality; your home needs to work for you and your family and fit your lifestyle and needs. It should also be pretty, warm and inviting. A simple motto that I live by in my house and share with my clients is to fill your house with things you love. When form, functionality and aesthetics meet, this is the perfect balance.  

Over the years, many people and places have influenced my design style. I appreciate elements of style that are beautiful for the memories they invoke and for the history they impart. My approach to design is a true combination of blending the classics with a nod to today’s modern flair, to combine classic and timeless style with grace and individuality, and to find new life in something old.  A completed design is for a space to look curated, polished, layered and reflective of a life lived and collected over time. My approach to client designer relationships is similar. My best work is born out of a true collaboration between client and designer, when we allow for honest communication, clear definition of our roles and of course, mutual trust.

Named a 2015 New Trad Designer by Traditional Home, Chenault James Interiors has offices in Louisville, KY and Columbus, GA. Chenault has been specializing in high-end residential design since 2009 and is working on projects throughout the country. After living in Columbus for 9 years, Chenault and her husband Ed recently moved to her native Louisville with their two young children.

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